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‘Host’ by Hilary Jack comprises a number of discreet bronze sculptures of hybrid wild plants that typically grow in forgotten urban spaces. Emerging from corners of buildings and hidden spots across Spinningfields, ‘Host’ represents an unexpected counterpoint to the built environment, using the traditional material of imposing public sculpture to create a series of fragile, natural forms.

Spinningfields Art Commission 2016 promotes the work of the Manchester Homelessness Charter, with each bronze sculpture being sold to support the Big Change Fund. Throughout the exhibition period, narratives will be woven in gradually to each piece telling the hidden stories behind our development as a city and a community; these can be discovered on Twitter by searching #SpinArt2016 and #MCRHomelessnessCharter.

Spend an hour on the trail of ‘Host’s’ nine pieces, which you can locate using the map below, or discover more about each piece on our interactive map (not available on mobile).

Discover 'Host' in nine locations across Spinningfields