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  1. Tory challenge to PM over immigration

    David Cameron must accept he has failed to deliver a pledge to reduce migration, two Vote Leave MPs say, but No 10 calls the Tory attack a "distraction".
  2. Shipwrecks 'kill up to 700 migrants'

    Up to 700 migrants are feared drowned in a series of shipwrecks off the coast of Libya in the last few days, the UN refugee agency says.
  3. Impressive Murray into last eight

    Britain's Andy Murray beats John Isner in straight sets to reach the quarter-finals of the French Open in Paris.
  4. Suspected migrants rescued in Channel

    Eighteen Albanians, believed to be migrants, are among 20 people rescued from an inflatable boat off the Kent coast after it began taking on water overnight.
  5. Leaders mark Verdun with EU unity plea

    The leaders of France and Germany mark the 100th anniversary of the WW1 battle of Verdun in northern France with a call for European unity.
  6. Zoo gorilla shot as boy falls into moat

    Zoo officials shoot dead a gorilla after it grabbed a four-year-old boy who fell into its enclosure in the US city of Cincinnati.
  7. Sri Lanka stall England victory bid

    Sri Lanka mount a belated fightback with the bat, reaching 309-5 to delay England's push for victory in the second Test.
  8. Top Mexico footballer kidnapped

    Olympiakos striker Alan Pulido has been kidnapped in Mexico's northern border state of Tamaulipas, officials say.
  9. Ukraine fire kills 17 in care home

    Seventeen people are killed as a fire tears through a building housing elderly people in a village near the Ukrainian capital Kiev.
  10. Japan boy left in woods 'as punishment'

    The parents of a seven-year-old boy missing in the mountains of northern Japan admit that they left him alone in the woods as a punishment.
  11. Didcot men 'could have been rescued'

    A pause in the search for three men thought to have died in the Didcot power station collapse could have cost them their lives, an MP claims.
  12. 'Boateng insult' sparks row in Germany

    Comments by a senior leader of Germany's right-wing AfD party about football star Jerome Boateng are widely condemned as racist.
  13. VIDEO: Concerns for Falluja's trapped civilians

    There is growing concern for the fate of an estimated 50,000 civilians trapped in the centre of Falluja in Iraq.
  14. VIDEO: Gorilla drags boy through zoo moat

    Zoo officials have shot dead a gorilla after a four-year-old boy fell into its enclosure in the US city of Cincinnati.
  15. VIDEO: Remembering Verdun 100 years on

    France is commemorating the 100th anniversary of The Battle of Verdun, World War One's longest battle.
  16. VIDEO: Elephant calf rescued from drain

    An elephant calf has been rescued from an uncovered drain in Sri Lanka's Hambantota port.
  17. VIDEO: Close-up look at huge sea reptile fossil

    The discovery of the fossilised skeleton of a large sea reptile which lived 165 million years ago is causing excitement within the scientific community.
  18. VIDEO: WW2 aircraft pulled from Hudson River

    A pilot has died after a vintage World War Two aircraft crashed in the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey.
  19. VIDEO: Time off for fans to watch Euro 2016?

    Firms should be flexible with staffing during the Euro 2016 football tournament, which begins on 10 June, the conciliation service Acas says.
  20. VIDEO: Calling time on nightclubs in the UK

    The number of nightclubs in the UK has almost halved in the last ten years, and this weekend Scunthorpe's last club is closing its doors.
  21. Escalation of Tory division over Europe

    Deputy political editor John Pienaar considers the tensions between rival factions in the Conservative Party over Europe.
  22. Verdun: France's sacred symbol of healing

    The site of the longest battle of World War One, Verdun has become a symbol of European reconciliation, says Hugh Schofield.
  23. VIDEO: How did Iraq get so violent?

    Was Western invasion in 2003 responsible for what is now happening?
  24. Could French fuel strikes affect travel?

    Q&A on the effect on Britons travelling in France following industrial action being taken by French workers, who are blockading oil refineries as part of their dispute.
  25. Secret WW2 code machine found on eBay

    After a secret German WW2 code machine is found on eBay, the National Museum of Computing is asking people to search for its motor.
  26. Talent final audience lowest in history

    This year's Britain's Got Talent final draws lowest audience in its 10-year history, as Army bandsman Richard Jones becomes first magic act to win.
  27. Hamilton wins epic Monaco Grand Prix

    Lewis Hamilton wins a close battle with Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo in a thrilling Monaco GP to re-ignite his title campaign.
  28. England 27-13 Wales

    England score five tries to beat Wales at Twickenham, ahead of next month's southern hemisphere tours.
  29. England Under-21s win Toulon Tournament

    England Under-21s win the Toulon Tournament for the first time since 1994 after beating hosts France 2-1 in the final.
  30. Johnson-Thompson qualifies for Rio Olympics

    Katarina Johnson-Thompson qualifies for this summer's Olympics, finishing with 6,304 points in coming sixth in Gotzis.
  31. Brexit 'an enormous economic problem'

    Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says leaving the EU would create "an enormous economic problem" following any Brexit vote on 23 June.
  32. 'Guarantees needed if Tata pulls sale'

    Tata would need to give guarantees it is in the UK steel industry for the long run if it scraps its planned sale of plants, Stephen Kinnock says.
  33. Hammond urges Syria and Yemen action

    Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond will press for more concerted action on the war-torn countries of Syria and Yemen during a tour of the Gulf states.
  34. Blair warns against Corbyn 'experiment'

    It would be a "very dangerous experiment" for the UK to give Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn power, former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair warns.
  35. Medic urges mediation over care rows

    The NHS could save millions of pounds if families and doctors were offered mediation when they disagreed on a treatment, a leading consultant says.
  36. Children 'denied mental health support'

    Mental health services turned away more than a quarter of children referred for support without help in England in 2015, a report says.
  37. Child death inquiries to be overhauled

    The system of inquiries into child deaths in England where neglect or abuse is suspected will be overhauled, says the government
  38. Cambridge University to remain with NUS

    Cambridge University will remain affiliated to the National Union of students after a referendum of students rejected a motion to leave.
  39. Three announces mobile ad-block trial

    Mobile service provider Three confirms it will block advertising on its network for a day-long trial in June.
  40. Cooling technologies become red hot

    Sainsbury's is trialling new food-cooling technologies that promise to be more eco-friendly than current alternatives.
  41. Eve the Jurassic sea monster

    Piecing together the bare bones of a sea reptile that swam at the time of the dinosaurs.
  42. DNA 'tape recorder' to trace cell history

    Researchers invent a DNA "tape recorder" that can trace the family history of every cell in a body.
  43. Casting the next Bond 'not a democracy'

    Casting the next James Bond is "not a democracy", the director Sam Mendes says at the Hay Festival.
  44. Dahl's swashboggling words celebrated

    Swashboggling, squishous and frobscottle are among thousands of Roald Dahl's gobblefunk words in a dictionary celebrating the centenary of the writer's birth.
  45. I had to leave my partner to lose weight

    Celena and her partner Pete separated for 10 weeks to break their bad habits and lose weight.
  46. The US veterans going back to live in Vietnam

    More than 40 years after the end of the Vietnam war dozens of ageing former American soldiers have gone back - and have succeeded in finding peace.
  47. Week in pictures

    A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
  48. In pictures: The barbers of Freetown

    The people who shape hair in the capital of Sierra Leone
  49. Could we finally see the end of overcrowded trains?

    Could we finally see the end of overcrowded trains?
  50. 10 things we didn't know last week

    A girlfriend's mum used to comb Paul McCartney's legs - and other nuggets
  51. Elbows, skulls and holy hands

    Venerating England's saintly relics
  52. The opium farmers with the police on their side

    The opium growers with the police on their side
  53. VIDEO: Lost cats, disguised football fans and other trends of the week

    Kadyrov's missing cat and other online trends
  54. Alma telescope peers into space

    Alma telescope peers into space from Chile
  55. Who deserves a blue plaque?

    Who deserves to be remembered?
  56. Jatra: India's former folk theatre actors struggle to survive

    Portraits of India's struggling folk theatre artists

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