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  1. 'Ripples' from black holes detected

    For the first time, scientists have detected tiny, rhythmic distortions in space and time - gravitational waves - predicted by Einstein 100 years ago.
  2. We will fight contract imposition - BMA

    Junior doctor leaders have promised to fight on after the government in England announced it will impose a new contract on the profession.
  3. Star Wars prosecuted over Ford injury

    The production company behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens is being prosecuted over the incident which left Harrison Ford with a broken leg.
  4. Nato steps into Aegean migrant crisis

    Nato is sending ships to deter people-smugglers from taking migrants from Turkey to Greece, in its first intervention in Europe's migrant crisis.
  5. Google defends UK tax arrangements

    Google's UK chief defends the search giant's tax arrangements in a hearing before MPs on the Commons Public Accounts Committee.
  6. Six children killed in France bus crash

    Six teenagers die after parts of a lorry crash into their school bus in Rochefort, western France.
  7. Psychiatrist struck off over affair

    Psychiatrist Adam Osborne is struck off the medical register for having a two-year affair with a vulnerable patient.
  8. Anxiety hits US and European markets

    The FTSE 100 has fallen 1.5%, with US and European markets also posting sharp declines amid continued anxiety about the state of the global economy.
  9. Man jailed for killing unborn child

    A man who killed his ex-girlfriend's unborn child in a brutal attack on a south London street is jailed for life.
  10. Mexico prison riot leaves 52 dead

    A riot and a fire at a prison near Monterrey in northern Mexico has left 52 people dead and 12 injured, state officials say.
  11. Courts and tribunal closures announced

    Nearly a fifth of all courts and tribunals in England and Wales are to close as part of "modernisation" plans, the government confirms.
  12. Churchill's navigator dies aged 97

    A member of Winston Churchill's personal flight crew during World War Two has died aged 97.
  13. VIDEO: Scientists detail 'mind-boggling' waves

    Scientists in the US give an update on the search for gravitational waves - a theory put forward by Albert Einstein over 100 years ago.
  14. VIDEO: Hawking hails gravitational wave find

    Acclaimed physicist Professor Stephen Hawking says the first observation of gravitational waves is "groundbreaking".
  15. VIDEO: Google boss asked 'what do you get paid?'

    Google's UK head, Matt Brittin, is asked about his salary as he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee.
  16. VIDEO: What is a 'super-confessor'?

    Pope Francis sends more than 1,000 priests on a global mission to forgive grave sins that normally only he, or a top Church official, may pardon.
  17. VIDEO: Mystery Valentine's postcard discovered

    A Valentine's postcard thought to have been sent to a woman in the Black Country more than 100 years ago has turned up at a Coventry market.
  18. VIDEO: WW2 lovebirds' emotional reunion

    A couple who were separated following the Second World War have been reunited after more than 70 years apart.
  19. VIDEO: An experiment in monastic life

    A group of 36 young people are taking part in an ecclesiastical experiment; since September 2015 they have been living together as part of a quasi-monastic community.
  20. VIDEO: Bella the dog found 130 miles from home

    A dog that went missing in Rothwell last year has been found more than 130 miles (210km) away in Bristol.
  21. What MPs say is wrong with spy bill

    MPs have come up with highly detailed criticisms of Theresa May's web monitoring bill - what are they and can the Home Office fix them?
  22. Could 'unity reshuffle' follow EU referendum?

    As the prime minister enters this last week of negotiation before the crunch EU summit in Brussels next week, ministers' minds are turning to what happens in the aftermath, not just of the summit, but the referendum itself.
  23. Gravitational waves: A triumph for big science

    The first direct detection of gravitational waves is without doubt one of the most remarkable breakthroughs of our time, and opens the door to a completely new way to investigate the Universe.
  24. Markets are in turmoil - here's why

    In a world of money printing central banks, negative interest rates and a global economic slowdown, investors are no longer quite sure where the ground is.
  25. 'Iron Boy' granted superhero wish

    A young Australian boy with cystic fibrosis was given the chance to save Sydney from a super villain on Thursday.
  26. Mangueira's samba wins Rio Carnival

    One of Rio de Janeiro's oldest samba schools, Mangueira, wins this year's carnival.
  27. Bojan signs new contract with Stoke

    Stoke City forward Bojan Krkic signs a new four-and-a-half-year contract with the Premier League club.
  28. Biggar recovery miraculous - Gatland

    Wales coach Warren Gatland is relieved as fly-half Dan Biggar recovers from a "three-to-five-week" injury in five days.
  29. Howzat? Team bowled out for zero

    Bapchild CC are bowled out for 0 by Christ Church University in a Kent indoor championships match.
  30. England's Taylor relishes 100th ODI

    England wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor will play her 100th one-day international when they face South Africa on Friday.
  31. British Gas and EDF cut gas prices

    British Gas and EDF Energy announce they are cutting their gas prices, the last of the big six energy suppliers to do so.
  32. Morgan Stanley to pay $3.2bn settlement

    Morgan Stanley will pay $3.2bn (£2.2bn) to US authorities to settle claims that it misled investors about risky mortgage bonds sold before the financial crisis.
  33. Spy law 'needs significant changes'

    Theresa May's internet monitoring and spying bill needs "significant work" before becoming law, the committee scrutinising it says.
  34. English votes system 'unstable' say MPs

    The system of 'English Votes for English Laws' is too complicated and may not last long due its lack of support, a committee of MPs warns.
  35. Routine operations target is missed

    The target for routine operations in England, such as hip and knee ops, has been missed for the first time.
  36. GPs 'ignore child cancer concerns'

    Some 42% of parents of children diagnosed with cancer feel their concerns were ignored by GPs, research by cancer charity CLIC Sargent suggests.
  37. University's 'safety net' A-level offer

    A UK university is competing for students by promising places even if applicants miss by one A-level grade.
  38. Student loan repayment avoiders targeted

    Graduates in England and Wales who fail to repay their student loan in time could be prosecuted, ministers warn.
  39. Facebook ‘colonialism' row stokes distrust

    Comments by a Facebook board member could put Mark Zuckerberg's global plans on the back foot.
  40. Paul McCartney creates Skype emojis

    Sir Paul McCartney has composed music for a series of 'audio emojis' on Skype
  41. Toxic chemicals found in beached whales

    A pod of whales stranded in Fife in 2012 are found to have had high concentrations of toxic chemicals in their bodies, scientists find.
  42. Court halts Obama's key climate plan

    President Obama's plans to regulate emissions of carbon dioxide from US power plants are stalled by the Supreme Court.
  43. New Top Gear presenters revealed

    Formula 1 commentator Eddie Jordan and German racing driver Sabine Schmitz are to join the new series of Top Gear.
  44. Downton star banned for drink-driving

    Downton Abbey actor Brendan Coyle gets a four-year driving ban after being stopped at nearly three times the alcohol limit.
  45. Can an English suit be made in Cambodia?

    The England football team suit is about to be unveiled. But how English is this England suit?
  46. VIDEO: The 'Queen of Chess' who defeated Kasparov

    In 2002, Judit Polgar became the first woman to beat then world champion Garry Kasparov.
  47. Inside the Padmini taxis of Mumbai

    Inside the Padmini taxis of Mumbai
  48. Lartigue's life in colour

    Rarely seen pictures by Jacques Henri Lartigue reveal his love of colour photographs.
  49. Goal difference

    Why are the UK's hopes for Europe not the same as other countries', asks Allan Little
  50. Top Gear: Magnificent Seven?

    Internet meets Rory, Sabine, Matt, Chris, Chris, Stig and Eddie
  51. When Burton and Taylor starred in a student play

    When Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor took part in student production
  52. VIDEO: The dance teacher with Down's syndrome

    The dance teacher with Down's syndrome
  53. China's curious cult of the mango

    How China came to venerate a tropical fruit
  54. VIDEO: A symphony just for cats

    Music composed for feline friends
  55. Iranians speak out over sexual harassment scandal

    Iran debates harassment after newsreader puts recording online
  56. Why does treatment for pets cost so much?

    Why does treatment for pets cost so much?
  57. Can this replace black pepper?

    Foodies are turning to this new type of pepper

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