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  1. Knox and Sollecito cleared of murder

    Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are acquitted by Italy's top appeals court of murdering British student Meredith Kercher in 2007 - the final ruling in the case.
  2. Cameron to pledge 'seven-day NHS'

    Consultant-level hospital services would be available seven days a week by 2020 under a future Conservative government, David Cameron is to say.
  3. Alps co-pilot 'predicted notoriety'

    The co-pilot of the Germanwings Airbus which crashed in the French Alps predicted "one day everyone will know my name", his ex-girlfriend says.
  4. Duo begin year-long space trip

    US astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko arrive for 12-month tour of duty on the International Space Station.
  5. Nigeria votes in presidential poll

    Voters in Africa's most populous nation, Nigeria, are taking part in presidential elections against the background of militant Islamist violence.
  6. 'Friendship message' from SNP to UK

    Nicola Sturgeon is expected to send a message of "friendship and solidarity" to the rest of the UK during her speech to the SNP conference.
  7. Fresh air strikes hit Yemen rebels

    Warplanes from a Saudi-led coalition bomb Yemen for a third night, targeting Shia Houthi rebels as they advance in and around the port of Aden.
  8. Ten dead in Somali hotel attack

    Militants storm a hotel in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, killing at least ten people including a senior diplomat.
  9. Sri Lanka president's brother killed

    The youngest brother of Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena dies after being attacked with an axe.
  10. Tory benefit cut options leaked

    The Conservatives are considering options for scrapping some benefits, the BBC learns - but the Tories say they are not party policy.
  11. Russia keeper Akinfeev hit by flare

  12. 'Ill, yet allowed to fly'

    As prosecutors release more information about the co-pilot of the Germanwings airliner that crashed into the French Alps, papers once again examine his character.
  13. The challenges of election polling

    A look at the challenges facing pollsters during the 2015 general election.
  14. VIDEO: Can we design for better living?

    Some of the latest cutting edge designs shortlisted for the Designs of the Year award.
  15. What is the point of the Large Hadron Collider?

    David Shukman explores the justifications for the £4bn 'atom smasher' buried under Geneva.
  16. Germanwings crash: Counting the cost

    Is the airline legally obliged to compensate the families of the victims for their loss?
  17. Wedding set for supermarket aisle

    A couple will tie the knot in a very public way later when they hold their wedding in their favourite supermarket's Easter egg aisle.
  18. Nappy-wearing goat back with mum

    A nappy-wearing sickly kid goat nursed back to health is now behaving "like a proper goat, not a dog" her owner says.
  19. Rosberg heads Hamilton in practice

    Nico Rosberg edges out Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton to set the pace in final practice at the Malaysian Grand Prix.
  20. Michael Clarke to retire from ODIs

    Australia captain Michael Clarke says he will retire from one-day international cricket after Sunday's World Cup final against New Zealand.
  21. England 4-0 Lithuania

    Harry Kane scores on his international debut as England beat Lithuania 4-0 for their fifth Euro 2016 qualifying win.
  22. 'My dad wanted me to play tennis'

    How England defender Sophie Bradley could easily have ended up playing at Wimbledon instead of Wembley.
  23. Steel finishes in top 20 in China

    Britain's Gemma Steel and Rhona Auckland finish inside the top 20 at the World Cross Country Championships in China.
  24. Apple boss criticises 'anti-gay' law

    Tim Cook criticises a 'religious freedom law' in the US state of Indiana, which it is argued could allow companies to discriminate against gay and lesbian customers.
  25. Loaded magazine says it will close

    Loaded Magazine, one of the so-called "lads' magazines" of the mid-1990s, is to close down, publisher Simian says.
  26. What not to do on the campaign trail

    As the general election campaign officially begins, here's a handy guide for would-be MPs on the pitfalls to avoid while on the campaign trail.
  27. Where will 'winding up' Westminster lead?

    Alex Salmond has been enjoying himself recently, doing what seems to come naturally, winding up Westminster.
  28. British medic declared free of Ebola

    A UK military medic has been discharged from hospital in London after being declared free of Ebola. Cpl Anna Cross was the first person in the world to be given the experimental drug MIL 77.
  29. Labour to cap private profits in NHS

    A Labour government would cap the amount of profit private firms can make from the NHS, Ed Miliband says as he launches the party's election campaign.
  30. 'Rise in child mental health issues'

    More children have mental health problems than two years ago, according to a union's survey of education staff.
  31. A-levels and GCSE subjects culled

    Ofqual sets out the range of A-levels and GCSEs that will no longer be taught amid moves to toughen examinations in England.
  32. Safari users win right to sue

    Google loses Court of Appeal bid to stop consumers having right to sue in UK over alleged misuse of privacy settings.
  33. Children on screens six hours a day

    A market research firm which has been collating the media habits of children for 20 years has published a comprehensive report on children's media habits.
  34. Greens ‘want 1% of GDP for science’

    A pledge by the Greens to double science funding contrasts with the statements offered by five other party leaders, answering a call to set out their policies on science.
  35. Polar ice shelf thinning speeds up

    Eighteen years of satellite data reveal an acceleration in the thinning of many of Antarctica's floating ice shelves.
  36. Dermot O'Leary leaves The X Factor

    Presenter and broadcaster Dermot O'Leary will no longer host ITV's The X Factor after eight years on the programme.
  37. Top Gear: Tymon 'won't press charges'

    Oisin Tymon, the Top Gear producer physically and verbally attacked by Jeremy Clarkson, tells police he does not want to press charges.
  38. 10 things we didn't know last week

    How to make rice less calorific, and more news nuggets.
  39. Weekend edition: The best of the week's reads

    A collection of some of the best reads from the BBC News website this week.
  40. Road deaths 'puzzle' case closed

    A police inquiry into the deaths of a Lithuanian couple found on the A47 in Norfolk is closed.
  41. Inmate 'emailed own release order'

    A convicted fraudster used an "ingenious" escape plot to trick prison wardens into letting him go free, a court has heard.
  42. Coach plunge passengers tell of fear

    Passengers on a tour coach which came off the A83 in Argyll at the Rest and Be Thankful have recalled their terror as the bus overturned towards water.
  43. Social workers win contempt appeal

    Two social workers who were found in contempt of court after stopping a mother's contact with her children have had the finding against them quashed.
  44. Judge quashes school closure move

    The High Court quashes the education minister's decision to shut the first Catholic school in Northern Ireland that was attempting a transformation to integrated status.
  45. Man found not guilty of Derry murder

    A Londonderry man has been found not guilty of murdering Barry McCrory at a city centre flat in 2013.
  46. Weapons and drugs seized in raid

    Weapons, drugs and cash are seized following police raids on a bar and a home in Cardiff.
  47. Weekend disruption on train lines

    A restricted timetable is in place at the weekend on the Cardiff and valleys network.
  48. Sierra Leone in Ebola lockdown

    The authorities in Sierra Leone enforce a three-day national lockdown to curb the spread of Ebola, except for short windows to pray.
  49. US issues Uganda attack warning

    The US embassy in Uganda warns that Westerners - including Americans - may be targeted for terror attacks in the capital, Kampala.
  50. Singapore advises against Lee queues

    Singapore urges people not to join the queue to view Lee Kuan Yew lying in state, while India declares a day of national mourning for the statesman.
  51. Bangladesh pilgrims die in stampede

    At least 10 Hindu pilgrims are killed in a stampede during a bathing ritual at a holy site in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, police say.
  52. Swedish poet Tomas Transtroemer dies

    Swedish poet Tomas Transtroemer, who was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature, dies at the age of 83.
  53. Ukraine top official to be released

    A senior Ukrainian official arrested two days ago at a televised cabinet meeting over corruption allegations is to be freed due to a lack of evidence.
  54. Brazil's economy grew 0.1% in 2014

    Brazil, the world's seventh largest economy, narrowly avoided contracting in 2014 with a growth rate of just 0.1% for the year.
  55. Argentine president's case dismissed

    A court of appeals in Argentina has upheld a decision to throw out controversial allegations against President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
  56. Saudi diplomats evacuated from Yemen

    Saudi Arabia evacuates its diplomats from Yemen as a Saudi-led coalition carries out a third night of air strikes.
  57. Israel to resume tax transfers to PA

    Israel is to stop withholding tax revenues collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, a move that has crippled the Palestinian economy.
  58. Silicon Valley firm wins bias case

    A California jury has found that a venture capital firm did not discriminate against a female employee in a closely watched case in Silicon Valley.
  59. Calls to 'boycott' Indiana after law

    Activists are encouraging a boycott of Indiana after the US state enacted a "religious freedom" law which they say discriminates against gay people.
  60. Week in pictures: 21-27 March 2015

    A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
  61. Kathmandu graffiti

    The walls of the Nepali capital come to life
  62. Day in pictures: 27 March 2015

    Images from around the world: 27 March
  63. In pictures: I'm not voting because...

    Denise Felkin's MA project
  64. Photos give insight into 1960s life

    A collection of 18,000 negatives of Wales
  65. In pictures: Alps plane search operation resumes

    A search and recovery operation resumes in the southern French Alps
  66. Day in pictures: 26 March 2015

    Images from around the world: 26 March
  67. In pictures: Indian soldiers during World War One

    Rare photographs chronicling the lives of Indian soldiers
  68. VIDEO: Treasury Committee

    The Treasury Committee hears from the Chancellor, George Osborne.
  69. VIDEO: Amanda Knox: 'I'm so grateful'

    Amanda Knox has been speaking after she and her Italian ex-boyfriend were again cleared of the murder of her former flatmate, Meredith Kercher in the final ruling of a long-running case.
  70. VIDEO: Lubitz in hospital two weeks before crash

    Details have emerged to show Andreas Lubitz was receiving hospital treatment until two weeks before he crashed a plane into the Alps, killing everyone on board.
  71. VIDEO: Boko Haram Nigeria HQ 'retaken'

    Nigeria's army says it has recaptured Islamist group Boko Haram's headquarters in the town of Gwoza.
  72. VIDEO: A year in space: Soyuz docks at ISS

    A Russian Soyuz spacecraft has docked at the International Space Station carrying three astronauts, two of whom are due to spend a record 12 months there.
  73. VIDEO: Knox and Sollecito convictions quashed

    Italy's highest court has acquitted American Amanda Knox, and her Italian former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, of murdering British student Meredith Kercher eight years ago.
  74. VIDEO: Kate attends last official events

    The Duchess of Cambridge, accompanied by Prince William, has attended her final official events before the birth of her second child, as Nicholas Witchell reports.
  75. VIDEO: 1980s games reviewed by six-year-olds

    Children try out some 1980s games at the new National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham and see how they compare to their modern equivalents.
  76. VIDEO: Paedophile John Rudd jailed

    John Rudd thought he was meeting a 14-year-old girl, but he was being tricked by a group of internet paedophile hunters and has been jailed for a year.
  77. Why Singapore banned chewing gum

    Why did Singapore ban chewing gum?
  78. From Liverpool to Bollywood

    The British teenager who became an unlikely star of Indian cinema
  79. What drives people to murder-suicide?

    What drives people to murder-suicide?
  80. VIDEO: Who is behind the 'perfect boyfriend'?

    Why do people exchange texts with imaginary partners?
  81. Why do disabled people feel ignored when it comes to voting?

    Why do disabled people feel excluded from the voting process?
  82. How to open your own bed and breakfast

    How to start your own bed and breakfast

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