Learn how to make this simple yet sensational Bill’s vegan dish.


120g coated aubergine cut up in to fingers

20g miso dressing

40g smoked chilli & soy dressing

2g toasted sesame seeds

5g toasted pumpkin seeds

1g micro herbs

Ingredients to coat aubergine:

200g flour (or GF flour)

15g veg stock powder

4g garlic powder

200ml sparkling water


1. Combine the ingredients to coat the aubergine in a bowl together, mix & coat aubergine in the mix.

2. Deep fry coated aubergine slices until golden. Lay on a tray and drizzle with miso dressing then sprinkle evenly with pumpkin seeds and toasted sesame before plating.

3. Fill a ramekin of smoked chilli and soy sauce and garnish with micro salad.

4 Serve.