This article was last updated on 17 March 2022.


Spinningfields commitment to health and safety is unwavering.

To coincide with the easing of lockdown restrictions on 12 April 2021, Spinningfields launched a Blue Tick scheme that entailed businesses adhering to a robust benchmark of safety measures, in addition to elevated cleaning and security provisions across the public realm, to collectively manage the risk of COVID-19 and provide peace of mind to visitors, workers and residents at Spinningfields.

This safety benchmark was composed of five guidelines recommended by the government, and included provisions for staff to work from home where possible as well as social distancing enforcement. In addition, extensive security, cleaning and management protocols were implemented across the public realm at Spinningfields, such as one-way pedestrian systems and anti-crowd measures.

The success of the scheme was marked by >94% of businesses signing up within 7 days of launch as well as the scheme being nominated for Best Covid Response at the Property Awards 2021.

As the pandemic evolves, so must the Blue Tick scheme, therefore all businesses at Spinningfields have been asked to follow 5 updated health and safety guidelines for 2022:

  1. Completion of a COVID-19 risk assessment
  2. Appropriate cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures
  3. Support for staff to work flexibly if required
  4. Respect for personal space
  5. Coordinating further mitigating actions to manage transmission risk.

A Blue Tick sign (example below) is displayed at the entrance of every business in Spinningfields that actively follows these five Blue Tick guidelines. Please note that these guidelines are in addition to continuing health and safety protocols individually implemented by businesses on the estate, information for which can be found on their respective websites.

Spinningfields’ Blue Tick

In addition, public handwashing facilities are available on the estate, all  touch points and communal facilities are regularly sanitised and all security and cleaning staff are provided with training and PPE.

This collective action is a vital step towards safeguarding Spinningfields.

For more information about the Blue Tick scheme, please email