‘Host’ by Hilary Jack aims to promote the work of the Manchester Homelessness Charter, with each piece telling a hidden story behind our development as a city and a community.

The Power of the Arts and Heritage

“Being that long on the streets you lose your self-esteem and confidence. Doing the classes at the Booth Centre, the writing, the performing, making sculptures, 12 months ago I could not have thought of doing this. I had no confidence whatsoever. Now you can’t shut me up. I’ve found out a lot I didn’t know about myself.” – Danny Collins

Danny’s photographs of his sculpture Mr Streetwise, were designed to show how the general public engage with a statue portraying someone who is rough sleeping, rather than a human being. Danny says “often the most important thing you can do for someone who is rough sleeping is stop and ask if they’re OK, know about the services nearby and have a chat.”

Through initiatives such as The Booth Centre’s Arts Programme and The Mustard Tree’s Freedom Project, people who have experienced homelessness utilise the arts to tell their stories of Manchester and beyond.

The Arts and Heritage action group is increasing opportunities for people with experience of homelessness to engage in the arts, through the city’s arts and cultural institutions, artists and industries. To get involved personally or through your organisation go to: charter.streetsupport.net/join-action-group/

Find ‘Buddleia 8’ in the west reception of 3 Hardman Street, M3 3EB