‘Host’ by Hilary Jack aims to promote the work of the Manchester Homelessness Charter, with each piece telling a hidden story behind our development as a city and a community.


One of the best ways to help tackle homelessness in Manchester is to become more familiar with the various local charities in the sector and to support them in their work. Charities rely on donations of all kinds of items, and a great way of seeing who needs what is to use this page on the Street Support website. If you aren’t sure which groups and charities do what, there is also an extensive list of organisations available at streetsupport.net.

‬If you are already connected to one of them, why not build on this relationship and collect items together as a household or office team?

Find ‘Cow Parsley Hybrid 9’ in the reception of the RBS Building, 1 Spinningfields Square, M3 3AP