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To celebrate the Manchester Flower Festival, Spinningfields has installed a large floral display of the popular Mancunian slang word BUZZIN’.

BUZZIN’ is used in conversation to describe an exciting situation or when someone is feeling very happy.

In addition, BUZZIN’ not only refers to the sound of the Manchester worker bee, one of the best known symbols of Manchester which has been the emblem for the city for over 150 years, but it also reflects the city being a hive of activity.

The floral BUZZIN’ display was installed on National Bee Day and will be available to view at Hardman Square (outside The Ivy Spinningfields / opposite Pret) throughout the summer.

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About Manchester Flower Festival

From floral installations to outdoor dining, live music and entertainment, you’re in for a bloomin’ amazing long weekend in Manchester city centre from 26 – 29 May. Free and open to all, come along and see Manchester in flowers.

Spinningfields floral BUZZIN’ display is one of many fringe exhibitions outside of the main festival zone. To find out more, click HERE.