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Delve into the sepia-tinted days of 19th and 20th century Manchester where you’ll see the city through the words and actions of extraordinary women in the latest exhibition, Women who shaped Manchester, at The John Rylands Library.

Too little ink has been spilled telling the stories of exceptional women from Manchester’s past – from the mill workers to the protesters who galvanised the streets. Women Who Shaped Manchester captures the passion and strength of these pioneers. You will discover the medic who revolutionised care for children. Be astounded by the actions of women as they engaged in politics, scientific debate and culture. Explore the history of the women whose hard work fuelled Manchester’s booming cotton industry.

So come and read Emmeline Pankhurst’s stirring letter that speaks for those prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of equality. Imagine the lives of the women spinning cotton at Gidlow Mill. Gaze at the beautiful scroll presented to Enriqueta Rylands, the first freewoman of the City of Manchester. Be inspired by the Women Who Shaped Manchester.