‘Host’ by Hilary Jack aims to promote the work of the Manchester Homelessness Charter, with each piece telling a hidden story behind our development as a city and a community.

Manchester Homelessness Charter

Although there are many hardworking organisations and individuals dedicated to supporting people who are homeless, homelessness in Manchester is a growing challenge. The Manchester Homelessness Partnership is based on the idea that joining forces gives us a better chance of achieving our vision of a homeless-free future.

In 2015 people who are homeless in the city and organisations working to reduce homelessness were invited to share their experiences, key challenges and concerns. The Homelessness Charter is the co-produced outcome of all these events, workshops, focus groups and conferences, drawing on best practice nationally and internationally. The Charter provides the city with a vision to end homelessness and the co-created values we should subscribe to to do so.

You can view the charter and its various focused action groups, and see if any of them could benefit from your expertise at charter.streetsupport.net.

Find ‘Mustard Plant 4’ on a lamppost on Leftbank, Irwell Square, M3 3AG