‘Host’ by Hilary Jack aims to promote the work of the Manchester Homelessness Charter, with each piece telling a hidden story behind our development as a city and a community.


Volunteering has many benefits. For some, it is a valuable way of filling time or gaining new skills. For others it is a way of using existing skills for the benefit of the local community. Evidence shows it is also beneficial for our mental well-being. Many people find volunteering a great way to meet people from different walks of life, with whom they might otherwise never connect.

Local homelessness charities often rely heavily on volunteers for a wide variety of tasks, including running night shelters, teaching IT classes, mentoring vulnerable adults, maintaining buildings and offering financial advice.

The Street Support website is the central place online to find out about volunteering opportunities with local homelessness organisations: streetsupport.net. Alternatively you may already know of a specific charity you’d like to give some time to. You can contact them directly or through Street Support.

Find ‘Mustard Plant 7’ in the east reception of 3 Hardman Street, M3 3EB