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Dear Sailor is a beautiful cocktail bar inspired by the speakeasies and jazz bars of 1930s Tokyo.

Serving opulent long and short drinks that are bold and experimental in an atmospheric and nocturnal environment, highlights from the menu include a Pecan Mai Tai and a Yuzu Meringue Martini.

The first menu section is Import – a fusion of flavours and colours from the East, a twist of the West, whilst respecting the traditions of the past. The design is inspired by artefacts and smuggler documents connected to the seizure of contraband goods by the authorities from the ‘Wokou’ or Japanese Pirates. These daring seafarers introduced new delights – from alcohols to spices – while embracing a bohemian lifestyle.

The second menu section is Naval & Tidal – a selection of signatures inspired by the sea. These libations are for the curious, the bold and the adventurous that intend to challenge, excite and delight all who try. Dear Sailor is excited to charter lanes rarely sailed to navigate brave flavours, umami and texture to draw their guest’s favour.

The third menu section if Export – a series of late night finishers that are a continuation of the voyage concluding in the twilight hours.

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