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Welcome to Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill

Inspired by the stylish high-end restaurants found in the dynamic, cosmopolitan cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and across South America, Fazenda Manchester promises to deliver a dining experience like no other.

Since the early 19th century, gaúchos pierced large pieces of meat and slowly grilled them over open flamed pits. Fazenda’s gaúcho chefs (passadores) roast succulent cuts of meat in the way it has been done for centuries, preserving the individual taste of each tender cut. Fazenda wants to keep this tradition alive, sharing all the history behind the unique Rodizio way of serving.

Indulge in continuous table-side service of premium quality grilled meats, using a double-sided card to control the flow at your own pace. The green side signals the passadores to bring out skewers of freshly prepared meats one by one, while the red side indicates a resting point. The meats are usually served medium-rare to medium, though you are welcome to request the cooking point to your preference.

A sumptuous selection of Argentinian and Brazilian hot side dishes are served directly at your table upon request to complement your meats, while Fazenda’s brand-new Market Table boasts an array of charcuterie and continental cheeses, seafood, fresh salads and vegetables to be enjoyed throughout your experience. Boasting a wine list for the most educated of palates, this is the ideal place to relax in style with family or friends.

Amongst the authentic surroundings, Fazenda also features three luxurious private rooms for special occasions and business lunches. In addition, Fazenda has an outdoor heated terrace which provides a sophisticated backdrop to unwind with pre- or post- dinner drinks.

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Private dining room at Fazenda