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Welcome to Fenix

FENIX reflects the creativity of Greece’s finest kitchens, bringing the high end culture and refinement found on its most luxurious islands to UK shores. This is where heritage meets radical thinking to serve a true sensory feast, combining innovative drinks and dishes with spellbinding sounds and effects for an unforgettable journey, no matter when you visit.

FENIX is discovered in phases, each defined by aesthetics and ambience, so your experience will change with the time of day. Relax in the afternoon sun, be enchanted by the mythical golden hour, or embrace the dark of night.

The restaurant features a sharing-concept menu curated by two talented Greek natives, Executive Chef, Ippokratis and Head Chef, Zisis, who’ll guide you as you embark on your very own journey of Greek discovery.

In addition, the cocktail menu is defined by the four distinct elements – Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Each drink has been meticulously designed, masterfully crafted, and inspired by ancient Greek mythology. Just like the pantheons, these glasses are filled with heroes, heroines, Gods and Goddesses.