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Kettlebell Kitchen

From homemade crispy protein vegetable bite katsu wrap to a brand new Vegan/Vegetarian menu section, Kettlebell Kitchen’s new store in Spinningfields, is the perfect place to grab some nutritious, protein packed food on the go and the ideal place to relax and watch the world go by.

Kettlebell are at the forefront of the revolution against processed, chemical filled, toxic foods with high amounts of hydrogenated toxic fats and synthetic meats. The ethos is fresh, natural, nutritious, nutrient-dense, protein-filled foods made fresh on site, and healthy, low carb breads Kettlebell bake themselves at ‘The Clean Bakery’, which is another part of the burgeoning Kettlebell Group.

Meats are all additive and filler free, direct from the farm with no antibiotics or added growth hormones. Sauces are homemade, using natural only ingredients and sweetened with prunes and honeys. Kettlebell do not add any refined sugars into their dishes and aim to be as chemical free as possible. Dishes are practically zero when it comes to dangerous trans fats, with a focus on real nutrients. All meats are grilled fresh on site too, you really get what you pay for when it comes to KBK!

Opening hours
Monday – Friday, 7am – 9pm
Saturday, 10am – 8pm
Sunday, 10am – 6pm

Tel: 0161 236 6171
Email: hello@kettlebellkitchen.co.uk

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